Join My Brand New Feminine Selling Academy & Coaching Program So You Can Sell More With Less, Close More Sales & Be More Efficient!

Q: When does it start?

A: You receive immediate access to Module 1 upon purchasing.

Q: How long does this course last?

A: The modules are released weekly, over 10 weeks, but you’ll have lifetime access once you purchase—not just to the course, but ALSO to the monthly live training calls with me. (HINT: These calls will become more and more populated as time passes. So if you want access to me without paying my 1x1 prices, the sooner you jump into FSA, the more access you will have to me on these monthly calls, before this program is very full!)

Q: Is this for people in network marketing?

A: Yes, in fact I designed this course specifically with network marketers in mind, given I have my own network marketing team of 888 people and have learned how to successfully build leaders in my organization.

Q: Who else is this course for?

A: FSA is for digital marketers, coaches, network marketers, sales directors, professional salespeople, those in car sales, real estate, direct sales, high ticket sales, and product sales.

Q: Can you explain what each of the 10 modules is for?

A: Module 1 is to get your mind right with sales. Your beliefs create your thoughts which create your actions, so Module 1 is learning to have a Limitless Lady mindset so you become virtually invincible to the word, “No,” which will inspire you to show up powerfully and consistently in your sales efforts.

Module 2 is an introduction to the idea of the 4 types of personality archetypes, plus a training on the first archetype. When you understand and master the 4 archetypes, you become what I call “The Luminary,” because you have the superpower to be able to communicate effectively with 100% of the people you encounter, versus just the 25% who are just like you. This not only 4x’s your sales conversions (so you don’t need to talk to as many leads to get the sames results since 4x as many people will say yes to you), it also enables you to have the confidence to handle ANY situation you find yourself in, because you have total clarity on what to say and how to say it.  

Modules 3-5 are each designated to the other 3 archetypes, specifically how to identify them, how to help them feel safe, how they make decisions, what they avoid, and how to BE with them so you demonstrate authority and credibility.

Module 6 is a thorough training on my sales method called CULTIVATE. You’ll learn how to start the call, flow through each section of the call, how to transition to the offer, how to make the pitch, how to set yourself and your prospect up to reduce the likelihood of objections, and how to be powerful, yet authentic and conversational as you lead them to the offer.

Module 7 is how to Follow Up in a way where people are grateful to hear from you, you don’t feel like you’re bothering them, and you receive YES’s from people who said they “had to think about it,” or otherwise didn’t close the first time around.

Module 8 is Energy management tools to prevent burnout and keep you feeling your best. You’ll learn how to avoid taking on others’ energy, and reset your space after every call. Whoever has the most energy enrolls, so this module helps you be the one who always has the most energy.

Module 9 is a training How to Handle Objections with each Archetype. This is because each personality type requires a very different approach to support them–in fact the way you support one to buy, could potentially repel the opposite personality type. So this module is learning how to feel confident in what you’re saying and how you’re saying it, to avoid handling the objection the wrong way with the wrong archetype. The goal here is to have both you and your prospect feel GREAT in the objection handling process.

Module 10 is the training to ensure that you don’t get in your own way with self-sabotage. It’s called “Dealing with the Naysayers,” and it’s a training all about how to not be afraid to be successful, be proud of yourself even if others are trying to pull you down, and how to deal with the naysayers IN YOUR OWN HEAD so you don’t sabotage your own success.

Q: I’m working with another coach, should I sign up for FSA, too?

A: Potentially. Does your current coach teach you sales? If so, is he or she teaching you how to sell in a way that feels really good to you, that is producing results? If the answer is no to either question, it would be good to jump into FSA. And either way, you have access to FSA for life, so if you prefer, you can get it now while it’s on sale for 50% off, and then start it once your commitment with your current coach is over.
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